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Firm Overview

Nandu Babu & Sons offers unparalleled legal expertise across a comprehensive range of practice areas that are critical to the business needs of our clients. The firm has an established reputation for rendering prompt and dependable legal services to its clients and is well known for its expertise in  civil and criminal laws, property matters, matters relating to chota nagpur tenancy act , land ceiling , mutation, rent control act ,land acquisition, municipal act, land reforms act, urban land ceiling act, contract and specific relief act, land enchroachment act , public premises act, housing board matters besides other practice areas. We offer a cutting-edge blend of capabilities that enables us to handle and deal with  cases of any size and complexity.

Teams that work

Every part of our practice is client-focused. We establish our unique Client Team Program to ensure that we deliver exemplary service at every level and that the relationships we share with our clients remain strong and mutually beneficial.  The firm’s team comprises of professionals including lawyers AND  technical experts, to provide  legal solutions to clients’ needs. In recognition of the increasingly multinational character of today’s commercial transactions, we have actively, over the years, worked towards maintaining successful relationships with foreign associates, law firms as well as key international professional organizations. They augment the firm’s expertise and abilities in handling work and issues having a multi-national impact.

We know our clients and their business

We keep stride with industry trends and think as business people. We are counselors, advisors and confidants to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Jharkhand and India. Our relationships with venture capitalists, distributors, surveyors, market analysts, investment banks, commercial banks and others provide our clients with a network of expertise, market intelligence and access.

Our Ambition

An ambition to achieve global excellence in legal services is our strategy. We aim to achieve this goal through consistent efforts and attention to managing knowledge and information, and by delivering consistently high standards of client service . in this plethora of law firms, we aim to be the leader and shall endeavour to be at the top of our game as well as at the top of the profession, in whichever market we practise. Our aim is to be regarded as one of the state’s leading professional services organisations.

Our Core Values

Ambition, Commitment, Excellence, Integration  and embrace the highest professional standards to help us build supportive and strong relationships with our clients. These values are communicated throughout the firm and serve to instill in all members of our firm a full appreciation of professional and ethical responsibilities the firm places upon them.

Our Motto

Motto of Nandu Babu & Sons is to render world class quality service to its clients  and advice solutions in accordance with the fast developing law. The group consists of professionals with wide experience in consultancy and litigation representing various courts, tribunals, forums, and other authorities.

We earnestly hope that your interactions with the firm would  be valuable for you. If not, we should know about this immediately. Log on to  to provide any feedback (good or bad) about your interactions with our  Advocate. It will only take 3-4 minutes of your time and the law firm assures you that your feedback will always remain confidential. It will only be used in aggregate knowledge to improve our services for you!


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